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Demolition costs for outbuildings - garage, barn, carport & Co

  • An overview of the costs
    • 1. Cost of carrying out demolition work
    • 2. Disposal costs
      • Example of the disposal costs
  • Three example calculations for the demolition costs

The calculation of demolition costs is important to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Often the necessary expenses for supposedly small objects are underestimated. We have therefore dealt with the category of outbuildings and put together the important cost accounting for you.

If a new building is planned or if individual objects are to be demolished for reasons of space, then first a cost plan must be set up. You need to know what costs are incurred and how you can potentially save on expenses. By way of example, we consider the costs incurred for the garage, the barn, the carport and the garden shed. In order to determine the exact demolition costs in individual cases, the knowledge about the size of the object as well as its construction form and the containing materials is important.

An overview of the costs

The demolition leads to various costs, which are presented below:

1. Cost of carrying out demolition work

Tip: Depending on the location and size of the object, it may be checked if approvals are required and if the demolition itself can be made. If permits have to be obtained, additional costs are incurred which depend on the regional specifications.

The demolition costs when commissioning a specialist company - The actual demolition must be carried out in the case of a barn or similar object by an approved demolition company. The state building regulations of the federal states regulate the legal basis. The prices for the demolition vary greatly. Usual cost items are between 15 and 35 euros per cubic meter of converted space.

Tip: Fluctuations in prices are essentially location-dependent, but there are also significant differences between the companies located in the region. For this reason, get various offers and make a comparison. Note whether the disposal costs are already included in the offers or whether these costs are calculated separately.

Smaller outbuildings may often be demolished themselves, which can save you money. Examples of the permitted self-demolition are the standard garden shed from the hardware store and the wooden carport. In these cases there are no demolition costs, only suitable tools are necessary. The demolition is usually uncomplicated possible, provided that the building is made of wood and there are no classical walls.

2. Disposal costs

Professional disposal is required by law. If you hire a company, you must cancel the evidence of the whereabouts of the waste.

In general, you can achieve significant cost savings by separating the materials. For larger objects, the rough separation can be done with the excavator. For example, if it is an older barn, then the demolition was probably carried out with appropriate heavy equipment. Since the components have a high weight, with machine assistance, a separation must first take place. Subsequently, if necessary, can be sorted manually. If the effort is too high and out of all proportion to the cost savings, then the higher disposal costs must be accepted.

Example of the disposal costs

Waste Management Lahn-Dill (Hessen, Room Wetzlar)

Container big

The waste must be delivered to Waste Management Lahn-Dill. The costs depend on the amount and type of waste. Below is an excerpt from the current price list (as of 16 December 2016):

1. Baumischabfälle / residual waste: 190 euros per ton or flat rate 40 euros per m³
2. Asbestos-containing waste: 170 euros per tonne (in normal household quantities 145 euros per tonne)
3. Mineral fiber waste: € 675 per tonne (in normal household quantities € 145 per tonne)
4. Polluted soils: 70 euros per ton
5. Waste paper: free of charge
6. Waste wood: 25 euros per m³ / 80 euros per ton (dangerous, category A - IV)
7. Green cutting: 30 euros per ton
8. Old metals: free of charge

Three example calculations for the demolition costs

1. An example calculation for the demolition costs of a garage in Duisburg

For Duisburg it is assumed that the costs of demolition amount to 20 euros, including disposal costs. It is a garage, where no toxic substances are installed. An asbestos roof is not available. From the garage the following key data are known:

  • Length: 5 meters
  • Width: 3 meters
  • Height: 2 meters

Step 1: Calculation of the volume

Volume = length x width x height = 5 meters x 3 meters x 2 meters = 30 m³

Step 2: Calculation of demolition costs

Demolition costs = room volume x costs per m³ = 30 m³ x 20 euros / m³ = 600 euros

2. An example calculation for demolition costs of a barn in Bremen

Bremen is assuming demolition costs of 17 euros including disposal costs. The barn was previously cleared, which can lead to further costs. The following key data are known:

  • Length: 10 meters
  • Width: 5 meters
  • Height: 5 meters

Step 1: Calculation of the volume

Volume = length x width x height = 10 meters x 5 meters x 5 meters = 250 m³

Step 2: Calculation of demolition costs

Demolition costs = room volume x costs per m³ = 250 m³ x 17 euros / m³ = 4, 250 euros

3. Example calculation for the costs of the demolition of a carport in Wetzlar

The carport was built of wood and is largely open to all four sides. A roof is available. The mining is done by yourself. The following data is known from the carport:

  • Volume of installed wood: 5 m³
  • Volume of other construction waste / residual waste: 1 m³
  • Cost of wood: volume x cost per m³ = 5 m³ x 25 euros / m³ = 125 euros
  • Cost of rubble / residual waste: 1 m³ x 40 euros = 40 euros
  • Total cost: 125 euros + 40 euros = 165 euros

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